Self Titled

by Street Poison

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released September 5, 2010



all rights reserved


Street Poison Noisy Le Grand, France

Straight from Paris suburbia, STREET POISON is a 5 pieces Punk Rock band.
It's the energy of californian punk rock, the power of New York hardcore, all this mixed up with the rawness of the Paris ghetto.

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Track Name: Rat Dance
93's district Paris suburbia
Never asleep, general insomnia
We're the kind of freacks you might have in phobia
We shout instead of speack
We're putting-out disturbia

Chorus :

You should shut the fuck-up, informer or snitch, gossiping bullshit
Wanna play the game? It'll only end in pain, just quit the bullshit

City's toxic, walk solo, no leader
Small traffic, O.C., follow the dealer
Men turning into bitches, deserve nothing but a thousand stiches
Lost respect and honor
Track Name: Friends & Family
Check this out closely cuz we're coming to wreck this shit with my crew, our fuckin usual style
If radio stinks you can be sure that we won't be faking anything but FUCK THIS SHIT UP!

While we bring it on, a wild chemistry's on come-on
Fast living, full-blast, I'm trippin'
Come, come around catch this damn good feeling
All jum-up, jump-up, up, up to the ceiling


For my friends, for my family
All my brothers
Everybody knows where we're at
Friends & Family
For my friends, for my family
All my sisters
Everybody knows where we're at
Friends & Family

Like vampires the night is ours, playin for hours we set it all on fire
We're never tired, it's a musical erection
On&on, it gets physical, high tension!

We hit the scene and take control
Together nothing can stop us
Spirit's on stream, yeah let it roll
All night long we're playin Rock&Roll


For my friends, for my family
All my brothers
Everybody knows where we're at
For my friends, for my family
All my sisters
Everybody knows where we're at

We're one like a million walking no direction
Losted hellions, mass confusion
In conclusion is it utopian that everybody united ?

Truth till we die, through the low and the high
We'll go on every highway, at least we'll try
Ain't got no time to waste, chill-out I give you a taste
But your attention when the bad boys are in the town.
Track Name: Sick Man
I’m wasted and sick yeah, that’s how I am! So fuckin aching now my mind is breacking bad
I’m layin’ dead spendin days in the dark & a whisky bottle helps to hit the bottom
I’m seein’ red and on the wrong track I miss her kisses, I miss her a lot
I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, gettin’ high, feelin’ low-down as far as I’m going
It’s no wonder the reason why I’m always thirsty, fuckin runnin dry...

With this black-cloud above my head, like a hallo
Whispering creepy shit that brings me down
A black-out will clean this mess for tomorow
The more I sink, the more that grow my sorrow
I’m wasted and sick yeah, that’s how I am!
So fuckin aching now my mind is breacking bad

Open-up my mouth, I just keep throwing-up shit
Spittin my guts, deep dwelling upon the past
Have a drug, take a drag as my hasch burns to ashes
I smash my head it gets pretty obnoxious
Self-medicated fool on pills and alcohol
Now self-destruction rule, I’m headin to my fall
I need a fix and quick that’ll get me out of this
I fight fire with fire and more fire!
Track Name: Paper Rules
Working class’s crashing
Bosses gets fat, always off the back of those who don’t have nothing
Factories are closing, poor gets poorer
The world’s gone mad, it’ll only get sicker
Nothing is changing, it’s gettin’ worst
We’re all screwed happiness has been locked in a hearse, what a curse
Some are pulling the trigger
The world’s gone mad, it’ll only get sicker

Paper rules fools anybody, everybody want some more
People’re tools for blood money everybody want some more

Youth keep’on hustling, wastin their lives
Talking cash, always gambling, dancing with vice
But they play with shitty hands and loaded dices
This game’s fucked since the begining. It’s a full time crisis with no escape
Some die tryin’ if thats what it takes. Other for paper are turning murderers
The world’s gone mad, it’ll only get sicker
Track Name: Death Blow
It can be noisy or silent, it sure has the knack, like a snake that bites in da back
Spreadin poison under your skin, line between pleasure and torture is thin
I’ve seen the signs here, it’s no doubt, leftovers sticks and stinks around
It could be over in a wink of an eye, the naked truth just can’t be deny!

Death-blow’s turning tricks again Hurry-up it’ll get ya in the end
Death-blow’s turning tricks again Hurry-up it’ll get ya in the end, hurry-up!

Full-life hide in a golden castle, rich feel emplty losin the battle.
Passed-out souls of broken bums share together their final home
You can try, it’s a fact, you can’t dodge a death-blow
Waitin in line like a fuckin death-raw Time goes by as fast as slow-motion,
It’s pure emotion raw

One by one we’ll feed the cemetery Before it’s done, what’s your story ?
We’re born to loose, we gotta live to win It’s up to you now to split on spleen
I don’t know so I’ll reach how much love I can find, eyes wide-open with a straight open mind
Cuz it’s going fast, enjoy, it won’t last, sooner or later a death-blow’ll blast...
Track Name: Jimmy Punk
He wanna go to see other cities. He’s like on the run that poor jimmy
Alone in a bar drinkin beers, all night he’s going to rock&roll
Sand-man was coked-up baby, midnight turns noon already
Sleepless nights ’till eternity. Let blow the 8 ball!

Drugs & booze for Jimmy punk-rocker in the city
The way he spit, he speacks and think it’s a punk-rock fuckin style

When he was young lil’ Jimmy, locked in a broken famlily
He drank to drown his sorrow, sunk and sang what just follows:
"Stone-drunk and hammered it’s an hard fuckin lifestyle
Collecting addictions ‘till O.D. fuck I won’t stop"

The end of the world’s coming Jimmy heard earth is vibrating
Awake nightmare, sublime dream? With a cacophonous rythm
He likes the sound of it when it’s rising, tonight you’re walking wild and free
So honey come and dance with Jimmy Punk... Alright this is a true story,
any similarity with facts that happened or will by no means coincidental...Hope you enjoyed!
Track Name: Don't Take no Shit
No matter what, I do what’s forbidden I decide what’s good or evil
Frowned-upon for my opinions, still talking shit I just don’t listen

Shut the fuck up cuz hey I DON’T TAKE NO SHIT I never did, I don’t and WON’T TAKE NO SHIT
From no one, man, trust me YOU CAN SAVE YOUR SPIT
I told you all along I JUST DON’T TAKE NO SHIT

Glowers at me, I got used to it I stand tall and no I don’t bend over
I’ll fall with my hardcore behavior but it’s mine and I like the flavor
Track Name: Kids of War
Child of war, lost in disaster
Survivor, world prisoner
Here bombs are blastin’ over & over
Look at the past the end is near
This is story is tragedy, what an awfull tragedy

You buried all your friends & parents
Cried a tear for those who’ve past
In this city rains bullets
Everyone fall under these blasts
History turns into tragedy exploiting misery

Kids of war, Keep’on trying
Deep in mind that same old lie
About to loose, so confused
Born to die & not to choose
You go on looking for a way, hopin’ for the end
Tomorow’s another day, gotta resist again!

Left-alone among massacre
Swept-along by tears and fear
Is there a god or a master
When your future disappear
This story is tragedy, what an awfull tragedy

You wonder why some kill for profit
If you’ll go to heaven once leavin’ hell
What’s the use waitin a prohet
When all the souls are bound to sell
Money seems to turn history into tragedy
Track Name: Holiday in the Can
One glass shattered, I slashed your face
Last thing you've heard : don't fuck with me!
Your blood has gushed, this cut embrace
Your luck has flushed, you'll remember me

Full-moon was bloody glowing on Salu's pavement
Wrong place, bad timing, shit, there's no escape
I should have been runnin' but now it's too late
cuz Policia's coming....


I got busted, wish me luck, what the fuck?
I got busted, what the fuck, wish me luck!

Been arrested, dragged in a cell
Left frustrated, verdict is guily
Been ill-treated as far as I can tell
I'm disgusted, you're all fuckin' filthy

Narrow-minded cops let's gash, smach and burn'em
Guardia-civil fascist cunts, I shout as a warning
L.O.K.I. engraved on the wall
for time I've spent in the can
I wish I won't get caught again
Track Name: Open Bar
Let's go ouy ! Have some drinks and kick the town
From bar to bar we ride throught the night
Pint after pint with rhum and whisky
Let's have some fun yeah let's feel alright

Chorus :
Open your mouth
It's time to scream and shout
So loud and proud, do what's on your mind
Speack with your heart
It's time to scream and shout
So loud and proud, just do it !
You told me no to do what i'm about to
You told your reasons but they ain't mine
I live my life with no restrictions
And I don't care who's wronf or right
Track Name: Hope Within You
Almost lost truth in this life but future's unwritten
So I took-off the knife that was stuck in my back, hidden
Always broke but I'm rich of memories
I follow my heart, drawning the mystery

Your way? No way!
Oh I won't do the same
Live day by day like there's no tomorow
My way, Your way!
Oh I won't do the same
Day after day I'm on the unknown road

Music keeps me alive, gimme a mic, a guitar
I dropped your jobs and your school cuz I'm a punk-ocker
Won't be subjected to any rules or orders
Hope's within you, stay you, stay true
Track Name: Riot in da Hood (Feat. Born To Lose)
2005's riots or the scream from a youth discriminated
Cops spreadin' scams and violence, two kids got electrocuted
All cars are burning but in our street instead of police postes or higher
Let's find those government pricks, burn l'Elysée or where they hide!

Everyone burn the city,
Immigration united in action
Shoot'em, shoot'em in the crowd, you've gotta shoot'em all
Knock'em off, have no pity
Repression, discrimination
Shoot'em shoot'em in the crowd, you've gotta shoot'em all

When I look behind my window,
What an apocaliptik vision
It's all painted red and yellow
A black-cloud, an explosion
Media desinformation, politics keep'on bitchin
I don't care what the news are sayin
Sirens is the only sound we're hearing
Track Name: When An Angel Goes
Untill the end in excess, you're gone with no time for goodbye
On this dark highway of death, everybody's gotta a tear on their face
Your smile was so contagious, your drumstyle rocking and famous
The end has come too soon my brother I'll be crying this song for ever...

When an angel goes like this, at night ghosts of memories
Are here to reminds me you are timeless and from now on I'm playing for you

23 years, it's so sad, a stupid fuckin hit and run
You lived too fast, you died too young, soon I'll see ya, it might not take long
You're gone, your road has stopped I miss you with all my heart
How did it turn that bad I wonder?
Bro you're in our soul for ever